Artist dealing with sudden holiday rush after product was featured on BuzzFeed

FRESNO, CA -- Britney Spears candles are being packed for global customers. Forty have already been shipped around the US and to Brazil and London.

Fresno artist Junior Gonzales said friends keep messaging him.

"Junior you better take your Etsy shop off vacation mode. I'm like, 'oh no, what's going on?' This is crazy. So I took my shop off vacation and started getting sales."

Click here to see the Casual Glitz Etsy store

The Britney candle was mentioned this week on BuzzFeed as one of "19 perfect gifts every Britney Spears fan would love," but Gonzales has also been criticized by those who take exception to having a singer portrayed in what appears to be a prayer candle.

"A lot of people have said it isn't cool. That kind of like not mimicking the Virgin Mary is anti-religious and all that, but all l I can say you've got to have a little fun with it."

Screen capture of the Casual Glitz store

Gonzales has also made candles featuring other celebrities. Many local buyers are drawn to his Christmas ornaments which feature iconic Fresno signs from the past and present.

"People will find me if I'm doing a craft event and they locate me and say I just came here for your ornaments and it's funny when I hear that."

Gonzales said new orders for all of his items will keep him busy throughout the holidays. He also figures his company, Casual Glitz, will be more popular at local craft shows.
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