Cancer survivor uses Times Square billboard in search of kidney donor

Manhattan, NEW YORK -- Marc Weiner, 53, is a cancer survivor and now a billboard model.

Weiner needs a new kidney - and what better way to ask for a donor than in a massive Times Square billboard?

"I adore life. Life is the most precious thing. I don't want to die," Weiner says.

Two years ago, Weiner was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Doctors removed his bladder, both kidneys and his prostate. He is now cancer-free, but three times a week he must spend the day getting dialysis, which is critical for staying alive.

A perfectly matched kidney donor would enable him to live life without dialysis and go back to a more active lifestyle.

"I'm somebody struggling with a disease, but will overcome. I'm somebody looking for a donor match," Weiner says.

Weiner spent three decades in television news, but says he had to stop working this year because of his dialysis schedule. Weiner is married and has a young daughter.

His wife's friend donated the 5,000 square foot billboard on 47th Street, which costs $35,000 a month. The ad for a kidney went up on Monday.

"First response was I cried," said Weiner's wife, Lisa.

Weiner's digital plea for a kidney runs eight times every hour. The billboard company that donated the space is willing to keep the ad running until November in hopes it gives back to Weiner what cancer took away.

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