Teen with cancer shares inspirational story, meaning of Henna tattoo

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A Houston teenager wants the world to know that she may be bald, but she's beautiful.

Her message to others: there is no obstacle too big to overcome if you tackle it head on and throw fear to the curb.

Valerie Loredo was just 17 years old when she was diagnosed with two forms of cancer. Loredo said she cried the moment she had to shave her hair.

"The first time, it was really hard. I cried so much," said Loredo. "A lot of people were staring and they were like what's going on."

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Loredo said for months she hid her baldness by wearing caps or scarfs. She said everything changed on Halloween night.

"I was like I'm going to dress as Britney Spears when she shaved her head," said Loredo. "I noticed a lot of people stared but they weren't staring like she has cancer. They were like she's another person walking around. Since then, I've felt more confident."

Loredo decided to get a Henna tattoo. She designed on a crown for the top of her head with a cancer awareness ribbon at the center. A Henna tattoo is temporary and lasts about two weeks. Gilbert Zamora painted the creation and posted the tattoo on his Instagram page.

He said the tattoo made him feel hopeful.

"Change for me sometimes is a little scary. I was thinking about what she must be going through. It was really reassuring to me to know there is always hope. No matter what is thrown at you. You can always fight through it," said Zamora. "I admired her for her strength. Not sure I could go through the same thing."

Loredo said her almost 5-month-old baby boy Eli is her miracle. Doctors feared chemo treatments would have resulted in a miscarriage. He was delivered without problems and is happy and healthy.

She underwent her final CT scan on Friday and expects the results back in a few weeks.
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