'Love Trumps Hate' rally promotes solidarity, denounces hateful rhetoric from campaign

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Several hundred people gathered at Discovery Green Saturday afternoon for what was called a "Love Trumps Hate" rally in the wake of the election.

It was a peaceful protest downtown Houston that drew people out. Organizers say the event was an act of solidarity, promoting love and acceptance. They say after the election, which they don't take the results lightly, they gathered to denounce some of the rhetoric from Trump's campaign.

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"I'm out here to unifying everybody and show we stand together no matter what race and color. We're all united as one," an emotional Stephanie Herrera said.

Eleanor Donaldson stood nearby and said, "I think a lot of people are here and I know I am to gain support from these people here who don't think the way Trump does. Hate doesn't rule, we're here together."

They want to send a message that they will stand together against any racism or homophobia. They encouraged all attending to increase their civic engagement and get involved in future elections. The rally attendees stood together for several hours on the lawn and say they want to show anyone who has felt vulnerable this week or during the campaign that they stand with them.

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"We're not here to smash pinatas or getting angry or violent. That's not my goal," organizer Jennifer Letendre said. "It's to send a message to our community that we're here and we don't accept his rhetoric."

The group, Greater Houston Democrats, is a newly formed organization that helped rally the attendees. They vowed to increase voter turnout in future Harris County elections.
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