Craigslist camels, cows stolen from Missouri farm

BOONE CO., MO (KTRK) -- A thief stole two double hump camels and two steers from a home in Boone County, Missouri.

The animals are worth about $20,000, according to ABC affiliate KMIZ-TV.

The Boone County Sheriff's Department says the animals were securely tethered, and says someone with knowledge of livestock would have been able to lead them away.

"You would have to have some expertise in this area, because from what I am told camels are not the most friendly of animals," said Detective Tom O'Sullivan.

The animals were taken in the middle of the day. The double hump camels weigh about 400 pounds each. The steers weigh 900 pounds.

The owner bought the animals on Craigslist last week. Whoever stole the camels and cows will likely face felony stealing charges.
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