Little League team helps woman who lost home in fire

SAN BERNARDINO, Los Angeles (KTRK) -- Shannon Blackwell lived in her home for over 12 years before a major fire destroyed it.

Deputies say a car launched straight towards Blackwell's home, burst into a ball of flames, and came to a rest on top of her truck.

Blackwell says when one of her roommates tried to rescue the driver, the gas tank exploded knocking him to the ground.

The driver eventually crawled out of a window with minor burns.

"It just doesn't seem real," said Blackwell. "But the thing about losing everything is that's when everyone who cares about you shows up in full force."

The Spring Valley Lake Little League baseball team decided to raise money to help rebuild their life.

Arthur Reveles, little league board member, said "one of the kids in our league needed our help so we wanted to be there for her and her dad and their whole family."

Nine-year-old Caleb Bean said, "It was really scary to have a fire close by."

Caleb decided to donate his allowance of $20 he'd been saving up for months to buy a transformers action figure.

"I thought, it's only one action figure. They lost the entire home."

Authorities are still investigating what caused the driver to lose control.

To help Shannon Blackwell and her family, please visit
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