California company now sells ultra-pure luxury ice

Most people head to the corner supermarket to pick up a 10-pound bag of ice for two bucks, simply because it's quick and convenient. Well now, some people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for the frozen H2O.

A California-based company, Glace Luxury Ice, is looking to turn any drink into a high-quality, top- dollar drink. All you have to do is add some pristine, pricey ice cubes.

The product, "Glace Ice," vows to come free of all minerals, additives and other pollutants typically found in homemade and store-bought ice. The spheres and cubes are shipped priority overnight and already frozen packaged in dry ice. The resealable pouch helps keep odors and the world's impurities out.

The luxury ice comes, of course, with a luxury price. Fifty cubes will cost $325.
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