Butterball exec assures customers: 'We're going to have turkey this Thanksgiving'

GARNER, N.C. -- We're just weeks away from Thanksgiving and if you've visited the grocery store lately, you might've noticed the turkey tubs were empty. No need to get in a 'fowl' mood.

"We're going to have turkey this Thanksgiving," said Butterball executive Al Jansen.

Jansen has seen some of the reports of shortages and 'deplucked' the holiday myth.

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"Folks have probably gone out and bought early this Thanksgiving because they think there might be a shortage," Jansen said.

In all actuality, it's a simple game of supply and demand. With more Americans social distancing, celebrations will be smaller meaning more individual celebrations, not to mention huge productions seasons like these are planned months in advance.

"Well before COVID-19 ever happened, we had this planned out as far as how many turkeys farmers were going to grow and COVID doesn't have any impact on that aspect of it," Jansen said.

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Bottom line, shopping habits have changed. With the pandemic and folks looking to social distance, people are bulk buying and gobbling what's on the grocery shelves.

"We've seen from our large customers, more demand earlier than the previous year and that could be it. We've all seen the numbers have kind of been getting higher on positives here lately. In general, our everyday grocery orders have started to spike again," said Jansen.

No turkey shortage, Butterball says. The company says they're shipping out birds regularly so stay close to your grocery store.
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