Houston wedding planner making Bollywood style dreams come true

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It is one of the biggest days of any couple's life, their wedding day.

For Pankti Gala and Mrigank Bhatia, it was both an exciting and nervous event.

"I think every bride plans her wedding their entire life," said Gala.

Like so many Indian weddings, Gala and Bhatia's big day was reminiscent of a Bollywood movie. There was music, colorful gowns and plenty of theatrics. However, in the background was someone impossible to miss, their wedding planner.

Therese Cole-Hubbs is not Indian, but she knows more about Indian weddings than most. She has been helping couples plan them for 30 years.

"Now it's me training the parents because they've lived here all their lives. I know more than they do," said Cole-Hubbs. "It's so funny and they're amazed by that. It's a big selling feature. Also, being the white woman -- that's what they call me -- it's unique."

Or it could be just smart business. Most Indian wedding celebrations last around a week.

"A typical Indian wedding is 500 to 1,000 people," said Cole-Hubbs. Their weddings are $250,000 up to $1 million every single time."

Planning an Indian wedding can be a complicated process. According to the U.S. Census, more than 50 percent of Indian Americans now marry non-Indian spouses. Most brides and grooms who grew up in the United States want more modern weddings, while their parents often like to stick to tradition.

"We'll do a Christian ceremony, then lunch, then a Hindu ceremony. Or a Hindu ceremony, then lunch, followed by a Jewish ceremony," said Cole-Hubbs.

Still no matter how many weddings Cole-Hubbs plans, she says the bride's entrance always gets her every time.

"I think it's important that we touch people and I think we have an effect and we have a legacy to leave. I hope that my legacy is that I've married a lot of wonderful ladies and gentleman," she said.
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