Rockets' success is good news for more than just team

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Rockets can reach the next round of the NBA playoffs tonight. But first they have to get past the Dallas Mavericks.

Rockets fans started showing up outside the stadium about an hour ago. It took a while, but the excitement level is growing.

You cannot miss Cole Plows coming down the street. He's all decked out in brand new Rockets red gear.

"I walked right into the team shop today and I'd say it was about $60 for this stuff but yeah, it was definitely worth it," Rockets fan Cole Plows said.

Plows also paid hundreds more for tickets to Game 5.

"I'm really excited, this is my first Houston game and I am really hoping for a win," he said.

It took a while for playoff fever to hit Houston, but by mid-afternoon, Kayla Ramsey with Midtown Tickets was wearing a smile.

"I am out, it is a struggle to get rid of the first round usually, The fans were hoping, I think to finish it up in Dallas, but it's OK, we'll come here and do it," Ramsey said.

Ramsey says no matter what happens in Game 5, tickets to the next round of the playoffs can already be reserved.

"We will always have the tickets, have the round before it's announced, we can sell the tickets. We do offer money back if the game is not played in full," she said.

However, the box office at Toyota Center will not sell any tickets to Round 2 until the team match ups are set.

Fans already know one team that will make up one half of pairing in Round Two.

If the Rockets do not win, the next game will be Thursday in Dallas.
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