Pasadena apartment tenants say water is hot enough "you flush the toilet and can see steam"

PASADENA, Texas (KTRK) -- Several units at a Pasadena apartment complex are dealing with an uncomfortable situation: their faucets only supply burning hot water to their sinks and showers.

"By the time you try to wash your hands, your hands are steaming by the time your done," resident Kassandra Aramburo said.

Aramburo, her family, and several neighbors noticed months ago when they turn the cold water on, it comes out steaming hot.

It's not just the kitchen sink. They said toilets fill with burning water.

"There's times when you flush the toilet and you can see steam. Our restrooms, you go in there and you feel like you're going into a sauna," Aramburo said.

It's the same for the showers, so they have to go outside and fill containers with a hose. They carry those containers upstairs, just so they can bathe.

Aramburo said that's not so easy for her- she's six months pregnant.

We found apartment management to ask about the problem.

"Residents say the cold water is coming out hot. Have you heard about that?" reporter Steven Romo asked.

"That's funny. Ok. Who is the one who sent you guys over here?" an apartment manager identified as Brenda said.

"I'm sorry. Why do you think it's funny?" Romo asked.

"It's ridiculous. I tell my tenants we're going to get it resolved and it's out of my hands," she said.

While staff members said they are aware the problem has been going on for months, they claim there is nothing they can do. They said they've told their supervisors. Supervisors did not return our calls to the number provided by the office staff.

ABC13 crews spotted other tenants moving out. They said they're leaving because they're tired of the scalding water situation.

Meanwhile, Aramburo is hoping for another solution. Knowing the weather will only get hotter, she hopes their water can finally cool down.
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