How Facebook Marketplace could help you launch your business

Looking for a new way to make some money on the side this summer? Facebook Marketplace can help launch your next side hustle or even small business.

Houston artist Sean Diaz has seen a tremendous amount of success selling his artwork on the social media site.

"A lot of other sites take a percentage, and this one you get to keep 100 percent and is way easier. It's benefited me way more," Diaz said.

His business manager Miranda Omer says marketplace is easy to use whether you're the buyer or seller.

"You log onto Facebook every day and it's part of your routine, so it's less work," Omer said.

You have immediate access to all kinds of products for sale in your area, reaching a larger audience for potential buyers, even sellers.

"Marketplace is also more personal. You can check out the person before you meet or go into it blindly, opposed to other sites," Omer explained.

A ratings feature on the Facebook Marketplace is in the testing process. It would allow buyers to leave a rating about their experience with a seller.

Here's how you can ensure a smooth and safe experience.

Re-confirm your purchase before heading out to meet up.

Meet in a public place or take a friend with you, and make sure someone else knows where you're heading.

Before you buy the item, test it in person, especially if it's electronics or a high-value item.

Finally, don't share financial information or your home address with people you don't know. Use Venmo, PayPal, or simply pay in cash.
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