How adult allowances help couples save more than money

When you hear the word "allowance," you likely think of children.

But money experts say giving yourself an allowance as an adult could not only help you set aside cash, but also save your relationship.

Banks and other financial groups are even getting in on the trend, setting up special systems and apps for a digital-based adult allowance.

Some couples have a method where if they want spending money, they'll take $100 a week or whatever amount they want, and split it up.

That's how much each person gets.

This method also works if you're single.

The app Honeyfi will track your personal spending and purchases, so you don't blow your allowance or your budget.

According to, only 30 percent of Americans have a long-term financial plan that includes savings and investment goals.

Another 19 percent have nothing saved to cover emergency expenses.

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