6 stations where you can beat Houston's rising gas prices

Gas prices in Houston continue to creep upward, though drivers are still paying less on average than the rest of the nation.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in Houston on April 15 was $2.57, according to the price-tracking app GasBuddy. That compares favorably with the U.S. average price of $2.86, but represents a 12% jump since March 15, when drivers in Houston paid an average of $2.29 per gallon. It's also slightly higher than this date one year ago, when the average price at the pump in Houston was $2.51, while the national average was $2.73.

But if you're willing to drive, you can beat the average.

Stations around Houston with a combination of below-average prices and above-average ratings on GasBuddy include:
  • In Northeast Houston, $2.32 per gallon of regular at Murphy USA, 5745 E. Sam Houston Parkway North and Wallisville Road. This verified station has a 3.7 rating out of 5 stars based on 79 ratings. Features include restrooms, a convenience store and propane, and GasBuddy user rick46508 wrote on April 2, "Only problem is that it is always too busy."

  • In Northwest Houston, $2.34 at Costco, 12405 Gessner Road and Mills Road. The station is rated 4.5 based on 212 reviews. You must have a Costco membership to buy gas here. "Excellent Station with Top line Fuel," GasBuddy user eagle001 wrote on April 4.

  • In West Houston, $2.35 at Sam's Club, 10488 Katy Freeway near Wisterwood Drive. This members-only station has a 4.5 rating based on 123 reviews.

  • In Southwest Houston, $2.38 at Synott Food Mart, 3825 Synott Road and Ashford Point Drive. The 3-star-rated station, based on 15 reviews, offers a cash discount and includes a convenience store. User kingkongsouth wrote on Feb. 22, "Wow excellent service. The older gentleman is fantastic always happy to talk to you. Reminds me of home."

  • In East Houston, $2.38 at Sam's Club, 13600 East Freeway and Haden Road. The station has a perfect 5-star rating, based on 40 reviews. It requires a membership.

  • In Central Houston, $2.39 at Costco, 3836 Richmond Ave. near Weslayan Street. This membership-only station has a 4.5 rating, with 112 reviews.

Beware, though, if an advertised price seems a bit too good. The Valero station at Highway 105 and 146 South in La Porte reports a gallon of regular at $2.09, but GasBuddy user 98saturn wrote on the app today, "They don't have any gas. No point in reporting an unbelievable low price when they don't have any."