Burglary suspect targets Catholic church in northeast Houston 5 times in 2 weeks

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- New surveillance video shows a man breaking into a church in northeast Houston.

A priest who lives on the premises of Saint Peter Claver Catholic Church on N. Wayside Drive says it didn't just happen once, but five times in the last two weeks by the same person.

The priest who lives at the church says he is now worried the burglar will eventually break into his home.

The burglar has allegedly taken gardening equipment, tents and a TV monitor that he tried to sell to another parishioner, Kenneth Howard.

"It's unbelievable that anyone would even consider stealing from the house of the Lord," Howard said. "But also stealing from anybody! Why can't you just try and get a job? If a person was hungry or needed money, we could probably provide some type of assistance here so he wouldn't have to do that."

The burglary suspect also damaged an air conditioner, door and a truck in the process, the church says.

If you have any information about the suspect, call Houston police.

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