1 of 4 burglary suspects found hiding inside column at CVS in Wharton

WHARTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Wharton police arrested four burglary suspects, one of whom was found hiding inside of an exterior pillar at a CVS.

Police arrived at the scene of an attempted burglary on Richmond Road when they discovered the suspects trapped in the store's ceiling.

Officers set up a ladder for them to come down and took them into custody.

Police sent out a photo, with a drawing of a stick figure and arrow pointing to a column outside of the CVS, writing that they believe another suspect is inside the column.

Moments later, they shared photos writing that the suspect, "formerly stick man" was taken into custody.

Police say they were confident that their stick figure drawing was proof enough, but they also sent out another image showing the suspect's exact location inside of the pillar.

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