'It's scary': Attempted burglary caught on home surveillance camera

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A man who lives near the Heights is sharing a heart-stopping scene that played out on his front porch as he and his wife were sleeping inside.

Chris Riggs has two camera angles of an attempted home invasion. One is from above his front door. The other is from the vantage point of the doorbell and it practically puts the viewer there.

"I'm still thinking about it," Riggs told Eyewitness News. "Still shook up."

The video shows three men running up to the front door around 4:17 a.m. Thursday in the Shady Acres neighborhood. The one leading the way is carrying an assault rifle. Another has a pistol. They try twice to kick in the door.

When they can't, they turn around and leave.

"We were asleep Dead asleep. Didn't hear the door. Didn't hear the budge," he said.

What was even scarier, he says, is that the crooks were undeterred by the vehicles in the driveway and the lights that were on. When Riggs saw the footprint on the front door Thursday afternoon, he checked his cameras and was shocked.

"It's very scary to see somebody almost invade your privacy and hurt you. They're not coming in to hold your hand and say, 'hey where's all your stuff at?' They were probably coming in to hurt us."

Riggs credits the security bar often called a "kick door stop" that he recently bought for keeping them safe. He is sharing the video to warn others of the potential violence.

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