Bullied teen sues school district for $1.2 million

Thursday, October 16, 2014
Student's family sues over bullying
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The lawsuit claims the school didn't do enough to protect a student from being bullied

ENUMCLAW, WA -- A high school student in Washington state is suing his school district, saying they didn't do enough to protect him from being bullied, according to KOMO TV in Seattle.

Andrew, 15, who is now in high school, said for two years at Thunder Mountain Middle School, a group of students tormented him.

"I was just outcasted," he said.

Andrew and his family are suing the district for $1.2 million for failing to protect him from beatings and harassment that Andrew says began in 7th grade.

"I'm still looking over my shoulder," said Andrew.

Andrew said it started with name calling, but escalated. His father filed a police report after students allegedly circled and attacked his son at a school social.

"They started kicking, hitting, pushing me to the ground," Andrew said.

The Enumclaw School District told KOMO, "The district investigates all reported bullying and takes appropriate corrective measures if a complaint is substantiated. The parents could have elevated their concerns to the superintendent and then the school board if they were not satisfied with the school's handling of their concerns. They did not do so."

"Their resolution to this was change your route to your classes, move your locker," said Andrew's mother, Tonya.

"This is the first time I've seen a log of abuse prepared by a school with over 30 complaints and nothing done, so obviously a lawsuit must happen," said the family's attorney, Yvonne Kinoshita Ward.

As for why he's filing the lawsuit three years after the alleged bullying, Andrew says after therapy, he's comfortable speaking out and wants to encourage others to speak up against bullying.