2 Britney Spears fans make 'Toxic' request at Manhattan Beach city council meeting

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. -- Not all pranks are created equal. This one from Southern California is one of the strangest we have seen.

Two guys who appeared before the Manhattan Beach City Council this week were trying to get members to rename the city's water treatment center the "Britney Spears Toxic Water Center."

But what the council may not have known was that the men were actually comedy duo, Tom Allen and John Parr.

"Whether she was stronger in the song 'Stronger,' vulnerable in 'Lucky,' or risque in 'Womanizer,'" but Allen gets cut off by a council member.

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"Sir, sir, but you lost me, but this is not within the jurisdiction...," the council member said.

Allen replies, "I promise it is. It's just at the end."

"Get to it now," the city council member said.

"OK, great," Allen said.

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The men say Britney was their childhood crush, and renaming the treatment center after her could help get the pop star through the difficult time she is currently going through.

To help sway the council, Parr even sang Britney's "Toxic" song. "With the taste of the poison paradise. I'm addicted to you. Don't you know that you're toxic. Stay strong, Britney. Thank you guys so much."

The council thanked both men for their participation, but whether the water treatment center will be renamed remains unclear.
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