Brawl erupts between Texans and Washington at training camp

Greg Bailey Image
Saturday, August 8, 2015
Houston Texans
Houston Texans wide receiver Cecil Shorts III, center, shakes past Washington wide receiver Evan Spencer, left, and Washington defensive back Justin Rogers

RICHMOND, VA (KTRK) -- There were big fireworks at Texans camp today in Richmond, VA.

A huge brawl erupted between the Texans and Washington. It started on the field where the Texans defense worked against Washington's offense. After back-to-back plays, they squared off only to get back to work. Finally, after a tackle down field both teams got after it. Players threw punches and a helmet flew out of the melee.

Minutes later, another brawl broke out on a separate field between the Texans offense and Washington defense. That triggered every player from the other field to rush in to join the fight. Players were on the ground and more punches were thrown before coaches finally broke it up.

Bill O'Brien called his team together and that was the end of scrimmage work. So far, the Texans have only done work with their own team since the fights broke out.

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