Doorbell video shows resident run for cover after fatal blast

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Sunday, January 26, 2020
VIDEO: Resident runs for cover after fatal explosion
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Brandi Peck was shaken to her core as a doorbell camera caught the moment the fatal explosion happened.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A nearby neighbor was outside early Thursday morning going out to get something out of her car when suddenly, there was an explosion.

Brandi Peck said she thought a bomb went off, causing her to run back into her house for cover.

On Saturday night, she says she's still feeling sore from it.

Family releases statement remembering their loved one killed in deadly blast

"It's fight or flight, and I did flight," Peck said.

The explosion from the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing Company was caught on her doorbell camera.

The blast was so strong, it blew out her windows.

"I was just afraid with the windows open," she said. "(That) it was a chemical spill."

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When she got inside, she turned on the news.

Then she went inside her bathroom, closed the door and hid there for at least 45 minutes

When Peck stepped back outside to assess her damages, she said all of her windows had to be boarded up.

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