3-year-old shot in neck during Christmas Eve road rage incident

MEMPHIS, Tennessee -- The family of a 3-year-old boy is spending Christmas at a hospital after he was shot in a believed road rage incident.

Investigators have not released details on any suspects in the case, which began with a Christmas Eve ride between the boy and his father.

The victim told police someone in a gold Jetta pulled up next to his vehicle and opened fire, striking the little boy in the neck.

The child was rushed to the hospital for surgery, WHBQ reports.

Colin Wren, the boy's uncle, said the family does not know who the shooter is or why they picked their car.

"My nephew's life is on the line," Wren said. "If they had any issues toward anybody, you should have went and talked to that man, not a child, not a child, but nowadays in the society we living in, anything goes."

Memphis police said they believe this is a road rage incident because the victim's family did not know the shooter.

Cary Jones, the victim's neighbor, was shaken by the news.

"This is outrageous for a 3-year-old, and I got two in the car with me," Jones said. "We could be passing and get hit the same way, just out the blue."

Jones said the incident has left her angry, saying it is a shame someone would try to hurt a child.

"If you see children in the car, why you going to shoot at the car? So therefore, you don't care nothing about the child."