Boy with cancer becomes honorary officer

PITTSFIELD, MA (KTRK) -- A Massachusetts police department stepped up to make a cancer stricken boy's dream come true.

Jim Vasil, of Time Warner Cable News reports that five year old Shavez Forte, who was diagnosed with stage four malignant neoplasm, dreamed of being a police officer.

Monday, officers of the Pittsfield Police Department made that dream come true, swearing him in as an honorary police officer.

"Besides our sworn duties, there's a lot of other stuff our personnel are involved in, both out there publicly and behind the scenes," said Pittsfield Police Chief Michael Wynn.

Shavez was given a full tour of the station and even saved the day, "Found an assault suspect before he left the building, that's a closed case right there." Said Wynn.

Officer Darren Derby answered the call to spend time with Shavez, knowing he could make his dream a reality, " People in uniform are their heroes, That's what they see on TV, they want to be a fireman, they want to be a police officer and catch bad guys, and he got that opportunity today." said Derby.
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