Attorney for nurse accused of practicing unlicensed medicine at Spring botox clinic calls charges 'ridiculous'

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- Michelle Bogle was led out of Savvy Chic Medspa last week in scrubs and handcuffs.

Today, her attorney is calling the charges against her "ridiculous."

Bogle has been charged with practicing medicine in violation of subtitle, a felony.

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Attorney for nurse accused of practicing medicine without a license at botox clinic, calls charges 'ridiculous.'

According to police, a licensed vocational nurse cannot recommend treatment or prescribe medicine. Investigators allege Bogle did just that.

Her attorney David Breston said, "I think the charges are ridiculous, I think the police wanted to make a statement to try and change the way that other medical spas perform their procedures."

On Oct.29, an undercover officer went to Savvy Chic Medspa inquiring about Botox and other cosmetic procedures. At the beginning of the appointment, the officer FaceTimed with a doctor.

Investigators say the doctor asked the officer eight questions, but did not make suggestions for treatment before hanging up the video call.
After the undercover officer finished speaking with the doctor, police say Bogle gave pricing options, Botox and filler recommendations, and drew circles on the officer's face showing where the procedures would happen.

"Michelle complied with the statute, the police officer, the undercover police officer who went into her spa, spoke with a doctor before he spoke with Michelle, and then Michelle advised the potential client what kind of procedures she could get," Breston said.

Breston says if the Texas Medical Board had a problem with his client, they should have contacted her first.

"I do think that the Texas Medical Board should have talked to Michelle or talked to the clinic if they had any problems and told her to change their procedures if they had any problem with them.They never contacted Michelle, and they never told her to change anything," Breston said.

When asked why Bogle was targeted in the investigation, Breston said, "It could be a competitor that may have been mad at her, or perhaps the police are trying to make an example of her to discourage other clinics that don't follow appropriate procedures from the unlawful practice of medicine."

Breston says his client plans to plead not guilty.

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