'Baaaad' boys: Pair of goats wandering subway tracks captured in Brooklyn

Monday, August 20, 2018
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Shirleen Allicot has the latest on an unusual goat sighting near 8th Avenue station in Brooklyn.

BROOKLYN, New York -- Passersby got a glimpse of a strange sight in Brooklyn on Monday, after a pair of goats roamed onto a subway track.

The animals were first spotted around 11 a.m.

The MTA said the goats were safe, as they were roaming around a portion of the N train known as the Sea Beach Line, one of seven stations without service for the summer because of renovations. Still, they were very close to tracks currently in use.

N train service was delayed for approximately two hours coming south into Coney Island, and southbound N trains were temporarily rerouted while the NYPD and animal control officers worked to safely retrieved the goats.

"We've seen cats and dogs but never goats," said Capt. Jonathan Bobin, of Transit District 34. "This is a new one here...They were nervous and kept running from our personnel, but we were able to get them and take them off the tracks safely."

The goats were tranquilized by NYPD ESU officers and removed from the tracks.

"First thing we did was shut the power off on the live tracks here, so our personnel could operate safely, because obviously the goats would be running around back and forth on different surfaces," Bobin said. "They were running about 300 feet back and forth between the two stations. They were together at first then separated. They got one goat by the New Utrecht station and the other by Fort Hamilton."

There is no word on where the goats came from.

"There are a number of meat markets in the area, so the theory is they could have come from one of those places," Bobin said. "But as of now, nobody has stepped forward to claim the goats."

Animal Care Centers of NYC says the goats are being transferred to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, in upstate New York. They have named the goats Billy and Willy.