Spring firefighters on the frontlines at Eastland Complex Fires

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Spring Fire Department responds as a massive group of wildfires in north Texas, called the Eastland Complex, continue to burn.

The department sent two firefighters in a booster truck to help our neighbors in the north.

"They're very involved in actually fighting the fire. Lots of fire. I think about 40,000 plus acres are actually on fire," said Fire Chief Scott Seifert with the Spring Fire Dept.

Cpt. Tim Weiman and Jason Adams drove up Thursday and immediately began a 14-hour shift.

"It was a long night last night. We didn't get off the fire line until about two in the morning," said Adams speaking to ABC13 through FaceTime.

Their work began Friday morning again, trying to protect homes, barns, and ranch equipment in the rural communities between Abilene and Fort Worth.

"Today, we are out in more pastures and thickets trying to keep it from running into more densely populated areas," said Adams.

They're in a specialized fire fighting vehicle, a Booster Truck, built to endure intense heat and drive through thick heavy brush.

It comes with a 250-gallon water tank, foam, hoses, and additional equipment like chainsaws and axes.

And this crew will need all its resources. Their initial deployment order is for 10 days, possibly being asked to stay longer.

"Where we're at out here around Eastland is a big farming community. Ranchland, hay, cattle, equipment. Unfortunately, many people lost a lot of money worth of equipment and property due to these fires," said Adams.

The pair volunteered to leave their own families to face the dangers of a wildfire with no exact return date because they want to make a difference.

"We like to be out here to help people," said Adams.

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