Gotcha! Man uses booby-trapped box to scare away package thieves

TACOMA, Washington (KTRK) -- It might sound like something out of the movie "Home Alone," but the device one man came up with is giving a real scare to would-be crooks.

Jaireme Barrow has created the The Blank Box to keep thieves from stealing packages off his porch.

The box is rigged with fishing wire and a 12-gauge shotgun blank that goes off when thieves pick it up.

Barrow says he created the device after dozens of packages were stolen from his home almost every day.

Video from his surveillance camera shows people picking up the packages and then dropping them quickly as soon as they hear the loud noise.

Barrow said he wanted to scare them off - safely.

The Blank Box sells online. It starts at $50.

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