Body of missing teen found in shallow grave on farm

DELLROY, Ohio (KTRK) -- An Ohio community has ended its search for a missing teenage boy.

Jonathon Minard, 14, was found dead in a shallow grave early Friday morning.

"I have met with the family and as you might imagine this is an unimaginable grief of epic levels that can't be put into words," Carroll County coroner Dr. Mandall Haas told WEWS.

Investigators say the boy had been picked up by a family friend last Friday to do work milking cows at a different farm.

But by the next evening, Jonathon was nowhere to be found.

Sheriff Dale Williams would not comment on how they were led to Jonathon or if the death is now assumed to be a homicide.

Earlier this week, the sheriff said a person of interest had been questioned twice and agreed to take a lie detector test, but then changed his mind.

But today, the sheriff did not want to answer more questions about that person of interest.

According to the coroner, test results confirming the teen's cause of death won't be available for several weeks.
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