'Blue Santa' to the rescue, delivers gifts to Galveston family

GALVESTON ISLAND (KTRK) -- The Christmas spirit is alive and kicking on Galveston Island after a holiday miracle. An 8-year-old boy's family reached out to abc13 Thursday night in hopes of saving the holiday.

James Venzant's family feared he'd miss out on this year's festivities following a mess-up at school. His aunt Laura Lindy told us he was signed up for "Blue Santa", which makes sure every child wakes up on Christmas morning with a gift.

Lindy said no one showed up on Christmas Eve. Somehow, he was forgotten.

After a quick call from Eyewitness News, the "Blue Santa" himself made a last minute delivery just before midnight.

"He said I don't have no wrapping paper but I got gift bags to put it in," recalled Lindy. "He got out of his bed at 11pm last night. We're going to make sure we have no child in our program go without."

Officer Joey Quiroga, who is Galveston's "Blue Santa", told us he didn't want any recognition. He said the season is about giving and not receiving.

Quiroga said thanks to hard work and the generosity of others they've been able to give away more than 6,000 toys to needy children.

If you'd like to help Blue Santa with his work, you can reach him at 409-256-0762 or jcq75555@yahoo.com.
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