Hero dog chases away would-be bike thief

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (KTRK) -- A dog in Michigan is being hailed a hero for stopping an alleged bike thief.

"He's wonderful. He's very territorial. He's very protective of our family. Dogs just know if they have a bad feeling about somebody," dog owner Katrina Beale said.

Surveillance video showed Luke's encounter with the alleged thief.

"He tried to sneak in and get to the bike. The door made a little squeak and that's what alerted our dog, Luke. He came chasing after the kid, and he just ran. He was out of there," Beale told WXMI.

The family says about two hours later, the suspect was seen throwing something over the gate where Luke was sitting.

"The kid came and pulled the plug on the camera, because we told him there's cameras here, and we saw what you did," Beale said.

Then at 3 a.m. the thief returned again to graffiti the family's home and truck.

"We've all kind of talked about it. We've all thought, 'what is his motive, what did we do?' My brothers and sisters, they're all very friendly, they're all very respectful. I think that he's just upset that he got caught," Beale said.

Though the thief is still on the loose, the Beales say they feel better knowing that Luke is on the lookout.
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