Big parole hearings to watch

Now that Clara Harris has been released on parole, who will be the next infamous Texas inmate to hit the streets?

In 2004, Susan Wright was sentenced to 20 years in prison for stabbing her husband 193 times and burying him in the backyard. She was denied parole June 12, 2014. However, she has been scheduled for a new parole hearing in July of 2020.

David Duvall West and Cynthia Campbell Ray killed Cynthia's parents while they slept in their River Oaks Mansion.

West was sentenced to life in 1985 and denied parole on May 18, 2016. His next parole date is May 2019.

Cynthia Ray was sentenced to life in 1987 and denied parole in December of 2015.
Her next schedule parole date is December 2018.
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