Nation of Islam offers to protect Beyonce during her "Formation" tour if police refuse

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Minister Louis Farrakhan is falling into formation behind Beyonce and offering to provide security during her world tour.

The Nation of Islam leader made the offer after police departments in several cities announced they would boycott Beyonce's "Formation" tour and refuse to provide security.

(Warning graphic language)

"You gonna picket? You're not gonna offer police protection? But the F.O.I. will," said Farrakhan. The F.O.I. is the Fruit of Islam which is the Nation of Islam's security agency.

So far, Miami, Tampa and Tennessee police have begun boycotts claiming Beyonce's song, "Formation" contains an anti-police message.

We asked Houston Police Officers Union President Ray Hunt if he has officers talking about boycotting the concert in May.

"Yes we do have officers saying they want to boycott," Hunt says.

HPD says special events are considered an extra job. It's up to the officers if they want to work it.

Beyonce has not commented on the controversy surrounding security at her tour, but the Fruit of Islam does have experience providing security during major events. According to Complex magazine, last summer the F.O.I. provided security for Jay Z and Jay Electronica during the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.