Where to find the best deals on used cars during the pandemic

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Where to find the best deals on used cars during the pandemic
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Looking for a new car? Here's how you can find the best deals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Used car prices are up during the pandemic, but if you're looking to buy, there are some alternatives to a car at the dealership that could offer some significant savings.

Nowadays, you can buy a car through contact-free online car dealers like Carvana, or even through rental car companies like Hertz, which has declared bankruptcy and is selling off its fleet.

So where can you find the best deal?

iSeeCars did a comparison of options here in Houston, and found that your best bet is with rental car companies.

They offer average prices that are 2.2% below market value or $452 in savings.

Traditional local dealerships are only .4% below market value. And if you go to online dealerships, you're going to pay more with an average price of 2.4% above market value or $443 more.

The website iSeeCars is one of several niche websites out there that can break down deals and savings. Some deals are worth thousands.

Some vehicles offer a bigger savings than others.

According to the study, the Nissan Altima, Ford Explorer and Chevy Equinox offer the most savings at rental car dealerships.

You can read the full study from iSeeCars.com here.