West Houston couple will have epic bee problem handled for free

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A west Houston family says they had no idea someone would reach out to help them so quickly, but their problem really pricked some hearts.

The reason? Bees are covering an entire corner of their home.

The owner of a pest control company was blown away by how many he thinks are actually living in the walls.

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Tammy Allyn and her husband, who is bed-ridden, have both been stung several times while sleeping. She called Eyewitness News to see if anybody could help with their problem, because the cost to remove the bees and repair whatever damage that removal would do to the house is out of their budget.

Viewers saw the story and reached out, asking how to help.

Gotcha Pest Control came out on Wednesday to get the ball rolling, and the owner says there's a lot more bumbling going on than he expected.

This removal is going to take some serious work, and it's probably going to take more than just Gotcha Pest Control.
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