Psychic allegedly scams Lacoste heiress of $200K to drive away 'evil spirits'

BOULDER, CO (KTRK) -- A 32-year-old psychic in Colorado is accused of scamming a fashion heiress out of $200,000.

Becky Ann Lee allegedly convinced Colorado University student Victoria Lacoste to buy gold coins the psychic said would ward off evil spirits, the Boulder County District Attorney's Office says.

Lacoste is a member of the Lacoste fashion family.

"She misled the victim into turning over these large amounts of money saying they would be used in one way and in fact she used them for her own personal benefit," District Attorney Stan Garnett says.

Police records show the fraud began after Lacoste went looking for a card reading in downtown Boulder, where Lee allegedly befriended Lacoste.

Investigators say Lee pawned the gold coins and gave Lacoste gift cards and purchases at hotels and restaurants using some of the money.

"Often with this kind of case, there will be other people who have been similarly victimized," Garnett says.

Garnett say anyone with a similar case in dealing with Lee should contact Boulder Police.
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