Personalized services bring beauty and fashion right to you

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Our lives often revolve around kids' schedules, work, and every chore in between, so keeping up with our skincare, hair, and even fashion often takes a backseat, until now.

There's no more fighting Houston traffic and spending hours in waiting rooms!

Beauty is now right at your doorstep.

Erin Magana and her Oomph Houston team knock on doors daily.

"Oomph Houston is a concept that we came up with because everything is shifting to convenience and to your door," explains Magana. "Amazon Prime, Favor, you name it. Why should your beauty routine be any different?"

Clients log onto the website, fill out medical history, choose treatments, and schedule their appointment for an RN-BSN who's certified in every aesthetic treatment -- from Botox and fillers to chemical peels and skin pen facials -- to show up at their home.

Stephanie Schwausch started using Oomph services a few months ago and loves it.

"I can schedule it around what I need, rather than block out hours of time to go to a doctor's office," explains Schwaush.

"I think the reason people are turning towards wanting this in their home is, number one, it's discreet - a lot of us don't like to air our beauty secrets, and the other reason is we're all super busy," adds Magana.

Another popular beauty service is beGlammed.

It's a service busy mom and attorney Victoria Nemeth uses because, "I'm never able to get to a salon, so it's super convenient for me to have an app at my fingertips."

"beGlammed is an on-demand beauty service. We offer hair and makeup at your doorstep, whether it's your office, home, or hotel," says beGlammed hair stylist Rachel Semien.

The beGlammed app is super easy and convenient. You pick your hair and makeup service. You have an option to choose your stylist and the time you want them to come, and they show up at your doorstep," adds beGlammed makeup artist Lashell Carter.

Hair styles start at $40. Makeup starts at $60.

"Beauty is about instant gratification, and it's super nice to have high end service at affordable prices to come to your doorstep," adds Nemeth.

Finally, fashion trucks like Miles of Style can pull right into your driveway!

"I love the convenience of it. I work from home, and I'm a mom, so it's hard to get out of the house sometimes," says Miles of Style client Amanda Beard.

"Miles of Style is a mobile boutique that offers affordable quality boutique clothing here in the Houston area, and we come directly to our customer," explains Kesha Chatman, the owner of Miles of Style.

Chatman's clients range from personal shopping appointments to scheduled parties, which is just up Erin Brown's alley.

"My friends are so busy with our kids and our jobs, it's neat to have the truck come to you, and it's fun to make it a girl's night," says Brown.

Most of these services you can book within 24 hours, based on availability.
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