Baybrook Mall scare sends shoppers running for their lives

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Friday, October 18, 2019
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Reports of gunfire at Baybrook Mall turned out to be three robbery suspects attempting to smash their way into some jewelry cases, police say.

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- Shoppers at Baybrook Mall ran for their lives Thursday night after a scare involving three jewelry store robbers.

Police were called to 500 Baybrook Mall after reports of loud noises inside the mall.

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Investigators said no shots were fired. Instead, three suspects attempted to smash their way into some jewelry cases, startling shoppers inside.

The sound of glass shattering scared many people. On social media, people warned others to get out of the mall amid fear of an active shooter near the Dillard's store.

"I heard what I thought was three gunshots," shopper Tim Hootman said. "I was sitting in a chair, waiting for my wife and daughters. I ran all over the place looking for my wife and daughters."

The Houston Police Department quickly shot down those rumors, tweeting it was a robbery instead.

The suspects are still at large, but fortunately, no one was injured.

We do not have a description of the suspects.

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