Baybrook Mall expands with new parking and valet options

FRIENDSWOOD, TX (KTRK) -- 'Tis the season to shop til you drop, and if Baybrook Mall is your destination, a lot has changed since last Christmas including the traffic.

Valerie Gill comes to the newly expanded Baybrook Mall every week...

"You've got every store you could possibly imagine.. I love it, it's the best thing that's ever happened to Clear Lake," she says.

Unfortunately, it happens to be in worst spot, the epicenter of Gulf Freeway construction.

"It's a nightmare, 45 is a nightmare. Parking here is great but getting here is a disaster, plan twenty minutes at least to get between exits," shopper Ariel Simpson said.

The freeway is expanding from six to ten lanes, and construction is continuing through the holidays. That's why the mall owner, General Growth Properties, has completely changed the way you get to -- and park at the mall. The mall has added 3,000 parking spaces to the existing 5,300, and added a parking deck.

The mall also doubled the number of parking entrances...

"So we have a total of 15 access points to get in and out of the shopping center which will make it a lot easier," Scott Sutherland of General Growth Properties said.

The Mall also added valet, which is available at three locations.

"It's amazing because he took my cell number and he said, now when you are ready, you just get on the app and it'll be ready for you when you pick it up," shopper Linda Brackeen said.

The GGP Malls App will help you claim your car from valet, plus it shows you which parking lots are full, how to access the best parking for your destination, and it can even keep you from forgetting where you've left your car. You can drop a pin at your exact parking space, so you can find your car as soon as you are done shopping

Sutherland says the idea is to keep you out of traffic, so you can spend more time shopping.

"Our goal is to make the path to purchase as easy as possible for our shoppers."
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