Trailer, instruments and gear stolen from Houston band while in Dallas

HOUSTON, Texas -- A Houston-based band's trailer and all of their equipment and uniforms was stolen after a show in Dallas.

The band, The Suffers, played a show at the Homegrown Fest on Saturday.

After the show, they took their broken trailer to Randall Reed's Park Cities Ford of Dallas to get fixed.

In the middle of the night, someone came and stole the band's trailer from the dealership.

"Now we are gutted because what we thought would be a safe place to store it, ended up being the worst place," the band said in a Facebook post.

A bunch of the band's instruments and gear was stored in the stolen white trailer, according to their post.

The Suffers are now working with the dealership and the police to find the trailer.

The band will also provide a full list of the items stolen.