Bald eagles caught on video protecting nest

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL (KTRK) -- A woman who volunteers as an eagle watch monitor for a Florida bird center captured an interesting moment between a pair of bald eagles.

Kathleen Finnerty was in Pinellas County Tuesday where she knew of an eagle's nest in the area. She found a pair of eagles that were on top of a cell tower and stopped to observe the birds. She said another pair of eagles started flying "aggressively" in the same area.

Finnerty said she grabbed her camera and started recording what she described as a dramatic scene.

"I watched a chase and just felt compelled to start documenting it with video," Finnerty said. "I ... felt that I didn't take a breath for two hours. The chasing and flying was almost non-stop."

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In one part of the video, the eagles are seen in a talon lock, spinning through the sky.

Finnerty said that she thought one pair of the eagles had given up, so she started to get into her car. But suddenly, she heard the predators getting louder.

"It was literally the most amazing thing I've witnessed in all my years monitoring bald eagles," Finnerty said.

According to, eagles are territorial birds and if their nests are disturbed or destroyed, they might never be able to build their nests again.
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