Nurse shark attacks Utah boy on vacation with family in Bahamas

BAHAMAS -- A family's dream vacation to the Bahamas took a terrifying turn when a seemingly docile nurse shark went on the attack.

The Jones Family from Sandy, Utah was told swimming with the sharks were completely safe because of their small size and non-threatening behavior.

Eight-year-old Asher walked into the water and that's when one of the nurse sharks sunk its teeth into the boy's back.

His father Jeremy immediately reacted.

"I was able to grab onto the shark as it grabbed onto his back and my left-hand fingers went into his gills and my right hand touched on one of the fins but as soon as I did that the shark let him go," Jeremy said.

An EMT and Pediatrician happened to be nearby and immediately helped the boy.

The injuries were not serious and Asher didn't even need stitches.

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