Couple takes fight over wedding video to abc13

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- There are no do-overs when it comes to weddings.

That's why Sophia and Rod Martinez are so upset. They feel the videographer they hired to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments failed big time.

"The main focus was on one of my groomsmen," Rod Martinez said. "And there were only a few pictures of me in it, so it made it seem like she was marrying one of my good friends."

The edited version does not include the bride walking down the aisle or the wedding vows. Then there's the video itself.

"It's super choppy," Sophia Martinez said, "home video-like."

The Martinez family paid a company called Complete Weddings and Events just under $1,500 to shoot and edit the video and provide the music. The couple wants their money back.

"It's very upsetting," Rod said, "and I'm just sick of the runaround."

Brett Martin with Complete Weddings and Events has an office in Spring. He said he has done everything he can to make the couple happy.

"We don't like the fact that they were not happy with it. We strive to make sure all clients are as pleased as possible with the services that we provide," Martin said, "However, videography is very interpretational. So what some may view as poor, others may view as good."

Martin said the Martinez family was aware that the video would be edited, and that the editor would have creative control. He said the couple declined his offer to re-edit the video for free, and that he gave the couple the raw footage.

"We did offer him a refund at one time, but we told him he couldn't have the final product, which he already had, the raw footage and the refund," Martin said.

The Martinez family said they want other couples to do better research before choosing a wedding videographer. Complete Weddings and Events in Spring has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Check out these BBB tips regarding hiring wedding photographers/videographers:

Do your research. Research the photographer with the BBB and research the photographer on other wedding sites to see what other couples are saying.

Schedule Interviews. Interview at least two or three photographers to see what kind of work they do and their pricing.

Ask if the rights to the pictures are included in the price. We now live in an age where most picture are digital. Be sure to ask your photographer if you have the rights to the pictures after the wedding day.

Who will be photographing your wedding? It's important to ask if the photographer will personally photograph your wedding.

Ask for references. It's important to talk to previous clients. They will be able to tell you more about the quality of the pictures, and what their experience was.

What is the payment schedule? Be sure to ask the photographer if a deposit is required, and how much they need prior to the wedding. Beware deals that sound too good to be true.

What's included in the package? Most photographers have packages for clients to choose from. If you don't like what is in the package, ask if you can add certain services or make your own package.

Travel Fees. Some photographers charge a travel fee if your wedding is outside their service area - be sure to ask.

How many hours will they shoot? Some photographers will take pictures all day; others will only shoot for a certain timeframe and charge extra if you go over. Be sure to ask ahead of time.

Know how long it will take to get your pictures. After your big day, it's normal to be anxious for your pictures to arrive. Make sure you talk to your photographer beforehand so you know how long the pictures will take.

Refund policy. Make sure to ask what the refund policy is should your wedding be cancelled or if there are other issues with the final product.

Get a written contract. Be sure to get everything in writing.

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