From trends to vintage finds: Get outfits for under $10 at this Houston store

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If your children are looking to stay on trend this year, but you don't want to break the bank, look no further.

You can find vintage looks for under $10 at Family Thrift Center locations around Houston.

In one trip to the store, bloggers Too Cheap Blondes found a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt for $1.41 along with an Atari vintage throwback tee for $4.57.

"I'd say from $7 to $20 was the max we spent, and if we would have gone to the mall, we could've spent well over $100," said Jen Meneely, one half of the blogger duo, which also features Pippa Williams.

Another great find was a pair of black jeans for $7.57 paired with a cropped sweatshirt that was still in dress code for $6.56.

"I would suggest if you're coming to a thrift, focus on the higher-end brands, not the Old Navy or Target stuff," said Meneely.

Family Thrift Center is also the perfect shop for elementary grade students.

"Make sure there are no spots or stains, zippers work and buttons are there," said Williams.

Too Cheap Blondes found a black dress for $6.56, Vera Bradley lunch box for $2, Nike shirt for $2.92 and Nike shorts.

At these prices, parents are smiling, too.

"It's great to see them happy and my pocket book happy. My husband loves it. It's great," shopper Ashlie Pereiras said.


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