Parents of Wisconsin quintuplets share how to get your kids off to class with little fuss

SUN PRAIRIE, Wisconsin (KTRK) -- With school back in session, it just got a whole lot quieter at one Wisconsin home.

While children across the state are heading back to class for the new school year, Frank and Cassie Vanderwall are sending their quintuplets off to kindergarten.

The quintuplets' parents say the key to controlled chaos is preparation and practice.

The Vanderwalls shared their tips for getting your own kids to class on time:

Prepare: Most of this preparation happens the night before when breakfast is partially prepared, lunches and snacks are packed and clothes for the next day are laid out. Sharing the plan is also key because it can't remain a best kept secret if it will be successful. It's helpful to share the plan for the next morning or day the evening before.

Delegate: Mornings can be hurried and easily become chaotic, but delegating tasks to children and adults, allows everyone to work as a team. Kid-friendly tasks include getting dressed, setting the breakfast table, filling water cups, serving themselves breakfast, brushing teeth and hair, etc. Older kids may be completely self-sufficient and simply need morning nudges to stay on task.

Be flexible: Stuff happens. A well thought-out plan can easily fall to pieces. Families can still get out the door in one piece and on time by remaining flexible. Flexibility can be difficult but by focusing on core values, remaining calm and being optimistic one can roll with the punches.

Preparation begins the night before, with all the kids picking out their own clothes that they're expected to change into on their own the next morning.

They did a practice run in order to be prepared for Tuesday at 6 a.m. wakeup.

The quintuplets' mom tells WKOW-TV above all it's also important to be flexible and remain calm.
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