Father of infant stabbed to death speaks for first time: "I just lost everything"

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- New details in the stabbing death of a 10 week old boy and the boy's father is speaking out for the first time.

"I feel like I just lost everything," said the boy's father from his Nebraska home Wednesday. "I'm just disgusted."

Wednesday morning, Levi's mother Rochelle Brown was charged with capital murder. A prosecutor told a judge in detail what happened early Tuesday morning inside Brown's sister's home.

"This defendant came in and woke her up screaming and yelling," said the prosecutor.

The prosecutor said Brown, who was living with her sister, began fighting with her. Levi was in her arms. The prosecutor said Brown put Levi on the bed and grabbed a knife, swinging it at her sister. When her sister went to call the cops, the prosecutors said Brown turned the knife to her son and started stabbing him in the abdomen over and over again. Brown's sister was unable to overpower her to get her to stop.

"She saw the defendant starting to stab the complainant," said the prosecutor.

"This is such a short time for a life to be taken," said Levi's great-grandmother in Nebraska. "Will live on forever. He will forever, forever be in our hearts."

Levi's father said he doesn't know what caused Brown to snap and he said Levi should have never been the target of his mother's anger.

"Kids are a blessing from God. You're never supposed to take a blessing away," said Levi's father. "I do everything I'm supposed to do as a father, But should no kid have to lose their life that fast. He did not even get to smile."
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