Parents deliver baby girl with 911 operator's help on snowy highway

VANDALIA, OH (KTRK) -- A baby girl entered the world on an interstate in Vandalia, Ohio. Her father helped her mother give birth along the road.

A 911 call shows the frantic moments as the operator instructs the father on how to deliver the infant. Watch the video above to hear the 911 call.

First responders arrived three minutes after little Hanna Marie entered the world. They helped keep her and her family warm in the frigid temperatures.

Vandalia Fire Department Chief Chad Follick told station WDTN, "It was so cold this morning we wanted to make sure that we wanted to make sure we got the baby wrapped up quickly and got to a warm medic unit."

Hannah Marie was taken to a local hospital and the whole family is doing fine.

Officials say it couldn't have gone any better. Follick said, "It's definitely a great way to start your shift. Of all the things that could've happened at 7:40 this morning, that's one of the ones that you want to see happen so you can go on with your day on a positive note, and they've definitely have done that."
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