Sinkhole swallows Jaguar in parking lot

TORONTO, Canada (KTRK) -- A Canadian driver was forced to abandon his Jaguar to a giant sinkhole this morning in Toronto.

A man who identified himself as "Mario" is the owner of the car. He was in his workplace parking lot when he noticed a section of the lot was full of water and sand. When he drove over to see what was happening, he drove right into the sinkhole.

The hole is longer and wider than the car and the luxury car immediately sank in the muddy water.

"Mario" had to crawl out the window in order to escape.

He recalled, "To inspect all the mud and water in the parking lot and then all of the sudden, straight down like you pressed the elevator going to the basement. It just went straight down. And then (I've got to get) out of there."

Police and work crews have blocked off the area.

They're trying to figure out what caused the hole to open up in the parking lot.
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