Protecting your car's tires from the heat

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- With the extreme heat impacting Houston, you really should pay close attention to your car's tires if you're hitting the open road.

Automotive experts told Eyewitness News heat is a tire's worst enemy. They explained the tire pressure must be checked regularly and be properly inflated.

Tony Mendoza with the Montrose Automotive Center said underinflated tires tend to run hotter. The hotter the tire means the greater risk of failure as you drive or take any curves.

Too much pressure can also prove dangerous. The heat could force the tire to expand and result in a blowout.

"Different cars have different tire pressures," said Mendoza. "The tire pressure builds up much faster than it does in cold weather."

You can find your tire's recommended pressure in the car's owner manual or in the inside panel of the driver's door. Always check with a professional if you feel your car needs serviced.
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