Keep your car cool in the summer heat

It's not always easy to find shaded parking, so Hyundai offers these recommendations for getting the best performance from your air conditioner.

Use the bottom vents only

We love to blast the cold air in our face but using the bottom vents right when you get inside will push the hot air up and out of your vehicle.

Use the air re-circulation button

Using this button on your air conditioner, instead of pulling hot air from outside, will re-circulate cool air to drop the temperature inside your vehicle faster.

Open the sunroof

This allows hot air to escape the top of your vehicle.

Freeze water in a bottle

Take it with you! Use it as a cool compress, then a cool drink once it melts.

Cover your steering wheel with a blanket

Covering your steering wheel and gear shift will make it a lot more comfortable to touch when it comes time to jump inside your steamy car and take off.
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