How to childproof your car

You may have spent a lot of time childproofing your home, but what about childproofing your car?

"Childproof Your Ride" -- that's the message from Safety begins with a car seat, but the organization says it includes a lot more than that.

The group offers the following information about the dangers children face in and around your car before you even hit the road.

The gear shift
Some older vehicles can be put into gear without putting your foot on the brake. Always use the parking brake.

Backup cameras and trunk release levers
Newer vehicles have these safety features, but even if you drive an older model car, you can buy kits and have your car fitted for these safety devices. Also, show your children how to use the trunk release.

Horn and hazard lights
Just in case your children do become trapped, teach them to use the car horn and hazard lights to signal for help.

Car door child safety locks
This safety feature keeps your child from opening the car from the inside, but it may trap your child in an emergency. Make sure your child still knows how to escape the car, if necessary.

Injury by a power window or entanglement in a seat belt are other, more rare dangers, which is why it's important to teach children that it's not safe to be in a car without an adult.

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